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Banco D-MIRO started in Ecuador in 1997 as a programme of Mission Allianza, a Norwegian NGO. Since 2006, the organisation operates as an independent foundation offering microfinance through a branch network in the coastal zone of Ecuador. Banco D-MIRO transferred into a regulated bank in 2011. This allows the institution to offer a broader range or pfocuts, invluding savings products. Banco D-MIRO has a strong mission to focus on the lower end of the market, especially women. In partnership with Mission Allianza, D-MIRO also offers micro-enterprise loans to people living with HIV/AIDS or their family members. Triodos Fair Share Fund has provided a loan to D-MIRO to realise further growth.

KEY INDICATORS as of 31 December 2016:

- number of loan clients: 39,783

- percentage female clients: 56%

- percentage rural clients: 0%

- average loan amount: EUR 2,167

- number of savings clients: 76,281